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Chad: group petitions telecom operators over social media shutdown

APRNEWS - A group of lawyers in Chad is blaming two major mobile companies in the country for blocking access to social media networks.

The lawyers, petitioned the two mobile telecom operators Airtel and Tigo who are alleged to have for five months, blocked access to social networks such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and Twitter.


Whatsapp business for SME's 

APRNEWS - It’s a big one for smaller businesses around the world as whatsapp’s business app continues to grow. Call it the whatsapp version of a facebook page. Whatsapp first launched the app earlier this year in select markets in the US, UK, Italy among others and now it is available worldwide. This means if you are a small business, it’s a pretty convenient way to keep up with customers and grow your clientele.

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