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APRNEWS: Knowledge is a weapon, "arm yourself, citizen" - By François-Dominique Delafosse

APRNEWS- Knowledge is a weapon, "arm yourself, citizen" - By François-Dominique Delafosse
Wednesday, 3 January 2024

APRNEWS: Knowledge is a weapon, "arm yourself, citizen" - By François-Dominique Delafosse

APRNEWS - François-Dominique Delafosse, a major actor in the African civil society, has created the think tank SCOOP Foundation, aiming at serving the people and instilling a change in paradigms for leaders. They contribute to public life at large by bridging the gap between research, politics and academia to tackle complex contemporary challenge

APRNEWS - Dear compatriots and friends from around the world, as we are entering this new year, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your commitment and valuable contributions within SCOOP. My sincere wishes for a successful year 2024!

SCOOP International, established in early 2021, goes beyond a simple exchange platform; it represents a real plateau for ideas. As a catalyst for reflection on political, economic, and social challenges in Côte d'Ivoire and beyond, SCOOP aspires to become a major player in Africa, and around the world.

Considering the many political challenges, regardless of partisan affiliations, SCOOP seeks to improve our ethos whereby civility and ethics should be the norm. It is primordial to elevate our thought process, taking into account the silent majority which endures the consequences resulting from technological and economic advances, often desperate to feel their concerns and voices heard for an improvement of their daily lives and a better future for their children.

SCOOP brings together valuable resources with the goal to investing and consolidating our achievements for the greater good in modernizing our countries, while carefully including our communities in the process. Despite many challenges, Côte d'Ivoire and the other neighboring nations are moving towards emergence. It is therefore primordial for SCOOP to play a major and proactive role in within that transition.

It is with that perspective that the SCOOP- Foundation THINK TANK was created, with the goal to improving our societal rationale through in-depth analyses and studies in all areas of interest.

SCOOP THINK TANK - Foundation is a group which aims at analyzing economic, social, and cultural issues within a democratic framework. Its goal is to convey and propose solutions through in-depth analyses and studies in many areas of interest. It is considered to be a solutions provider lending proposals to decisions makers. Its guidepost embodies trust, pragmatism, and concrete action. While primarily focused on Africa, it remains opened to any other world area sharing its objectives. SCOOP will facilitate good citizenry by helping the population at large to be better informed, thence actively better participating in society and having a say in the decision-making process.

Our data and expertise will be digitized on our web and digital platforms.

Let us unite by sharing our skills, looking beyond our own selves to prioritize the common and greater good. The THINK TANK will address political, economic, and social topics, proposing well thought and researched concrete solutions to decision-makers. Together, we can contribute to a better and fairer Africa, where competence prevails over ethnic, political, and religious considerations.

I humbly invite you to join me in this new endeavor. More detailed information will be conveyed soon. Our names may never be publicly disclosed, but the inner satisfaction for a job well done 

out of love country, empathy, will be our greatest reward. As Frantz Fanon emphasized, "Each generation must, out of opacity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it."

Let us take action!
François-Dominique Delafosse
President of SCOOP - International
President of the SCOOP - Foundation Think Tank Founder of the Regional Press Agency