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Libya ready to build solar power plant with Total

Solar power - Oil and gas - Libya
Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Libya ready to build solar power plant with Total

Libya will build a solar power plant with Total Energies.


Mohamed Oun, Libyan oil and gas minister announced his intention at the launch of the Libyan Energy and Economy Summit in Tripoli; after a meeting with the delegation of the French multinational Total Energies, specialized in the field of solar panels and alternative energies.

"We seek to encourage the investment of oil wealth, its proper exploitation and development, as well as the increase in production capacity to increase production and compensate for the loss of production due to natural decline. This will involve the drilling of development and increasing oil production to 2.1 million barrels per day. " said Mohamed Oun, Libyan minister of oil and gas.

The Libya Economy and Energy Summit 2021, was the first international energy event held in the country in nearly ten years.

The opportunity to discuss energy security issues, ways to resolve existing crises and provide solutions to develop the sector.

"The state of Libya has become secure, and it has become possible to bring back the companies that worked there, especially service companies, whether in the oil sector or in the field of infrastructure or in various projects. fact, we have noticed from the start of the work of the government of national unity that many companies have come back and now they are building electricity stations and building roads, especially the second ring road and many other roads all over the city. 'Libyan state. " added the Libyan minister.

Approved by the Government of National Unity and supported by the National Oil Corporation and the Libyan Ministry of Oil and Gas, this summit aims to advance foreign capital, technology and expertise in the country's burgeoning energy sector.