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APRNEWS : Simple people doing great things in Africa and for Africa…

APRNEWS - Simple people doing great things in Africa and for Africa…

- Prof. Denise Schacht
Friday, 20 October 2023

APRNEWS : Simple people doing great things in Africa and for Africa…

APRNEWS : Today we would like to introduce to you, Prof. Denise Schacht founder of the Africa Able Organization, the first NGO since 2010, exclusively focused on the development of human capital throughout the African continent, acting specifically with communities in difficulty and/or distress. She is also an active member of the Pan African League, aside from being a correspondent for the main centers of African studies indexed to the African Union (AU).

APRNEWS - The Africa Able Org has over 3,708 beneficiaries distributed across 9 countries namely, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Malawi.

The NGO also brings together a team of volunteers from SADC, ECOWAS, AU, UNESCO and UNPKO not to mention, its results and social impact report that became the subject of analysis and debate during the Africa Social Impact Summit 2022

The methodology of the programs and the policy of managing financial resources demonstrated that it is possible to help many people with few resources. The Africa Able Org. It is also seen as a "Case Study" because some programs have achieved exciting numbers in terms of social impact.

As human capital developer of several social projects, she also explained that the reason why many of her programs have achieved a success rate of around 60%

(more accurately in programs such as, labor-market’s integration, Micro-credit’s access and personal development for professional qualification), is due to the fact that each of these programs for the development of human capital has a strong component of anthropological research, that is, Before implementation, an analysis is carried out based on the ethnic groups involved as well as the socio-cultural habits of each community in difficulty. 

During a conference that took place recently (September 14 2023) at Agostinho Neto’s Memorial in Luanda, Prof. Denise Schacht clarified that; “The human capital development program that is taking place in Nyanga in South Africa has a different approach to that which was implemented in Luanda or even in Guinea Bissau, because although we are all Africans we are rich in cultural and intellectual diversity, therefore, these aspects must be respected.”

Despite being a Portuguese-speaking organization, Africa Able operates in all regions of the African continent, specifically, Francophone and Anglophone.

Following Pan-Africanist principles, the founder of this NGO is preparing the Pan-African Internships project, which already has the support of some universities and higher institutes on the continent in addition to, some renowned companies of the private sector plus embassies.

According to the Prof. Denise Schacht, to promote the integrated development dreamed by Kwame N’Krumah and Haile Selassie, we must bring together students’ communities from all regions of Africa into a process of getting to know each other, starting by allowing them to share their vision as well as, their way of doing things.

Despite being closely linked to the social problems of the African continent, she has been interacting with community centers of cities such as New Orleans (USA) and recently, with 2 community centers in Ramallah (Palestine). The purpose of promoting this “know-how” transfer arises with the aim of sharing with the respective managers of both community centers, the experience of Africans in terms of managing social and humanitarian crises.

According to Prof. Denise Schacht, “Contrary to what many may think, Africans have a lot to teach about the resilience necessary to face storms.

Why do I think that? Because a people like ours who were able to overcome slavery, later colonial oppression and finally, ethnic conflicts plus civil wars where entire families were decimated and against of all odds, we are still able to wake up in the morning to face life with a smile, it is without a shadow of doubt a people who have a word to say to all nations that are going through difficult times currently.”

FD Delafosse