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Tek Experts partners Microsoft to improve human capital development

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tek Experts partners Microsoft to improve human capital development

GUARDIAN - To boost human capital development, and enhance customer experience, to grow the local market, Tek Experts has commenced operation as a Customer Service and Support (CSS) centre in Lagos, in partnership with Microsoft.
Tek Experts, a renowned global technology company, through its operations, hopes to train tech-savvy Nigerian youths to leverage their skills to impact positively on technical expertise development with career growth, and provide great levels of service to customers as it has done with similar centres in other locations around the world.
Such centres are said to have created more than 5,000 jobs, and helped thousands of people to build long and rewarding careers in places like Costa Rica, USA, Malta, Bulgaria, China, and Vietnam.
Founder, Tek Experts, Yaniv Natan, said the target is to develop talent that will improve the technology landscape in Nigeria, and leverage its skills to provide excellent service to customers.
Noting that technology is fast becoming a key driver in Nigeria’s economic growth, he said initiatives like this will further spur growth because the collaboration would enable people and businesses advance in the local market, and also solve technical problems.
Stressing that Nigeria already has quality tech-driven young graduates, who only need opportunity to learn and expand in the tech world, Natan said the firm is committed to investing in the region and its people to raise the country’s profile as an exceptional location for technical talents.
“This is the first phase in what we want to be a long and fruitful future in Nigeria. We are investing in state of the art offices, in providing best-in-class training programmes and in developing the infrastructure that will provide exceptional services to our clients and exceptional careers for our employees.
Tek Experts will provide business and IT support solutions for companies across the world, and give the services of a uniquely passionate and expert workforce that takes intense pride in helping companies manage their business critical operations.
Our services include Software Support, Training and Education, Customer Success, Sales Support and Application Development
,” he added.     
The Founder emphasised the firm’s commitment to supporting talented individuals around the world and providing them with long and rewarding careers with partners such as Microsoft Nigeria.
Upon commencement of operations in Lagos, Natan said the firm has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, and employed 300 tech-savvy youths for the first phase training.

He added that they are committed to implementing reforms in CSS for macroeconomic stability, bearing tangible technological driven results, and laying the foundation for a credible path to fiscal sustainability.
Speaking on the prospects the collaboration, Corporate Vice President, Customer Service and Support, Microsoft, Aileen Allkins, said the relationship will continue to grow and provide additional career opportunities for the local market.