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PayChoice offers payment, collection efficiency, wins award

Thursday, 31 May 2018

PayChoice offers payment, collection efficiency, wins award

APRNEWS - Upperlink’s self-service, payment and collection infrastructure gateway- PayChoice, has won the Electronic Payments Incentive Scheme (EPIS) Efficiency Awards.
Upperlink is software and payment company that provides different forms of e-Payment services, with backing from the Nigeria Internet Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) Plc.

The company won the innovation award for efficiency by beating competing brands in the Cash-less Driver: Payment Solutions Service Provider (PSSP) category to the coveted accolade last weekend.

According to the Managing Director/CEO of Upperlink, Segun Akano, by leveraging on the integration to the National Switch and the company’s vast experience in deploying bespoke software solutions, the company has created a payment and collection platform, which makes “for easy, fast and safe payments of bills, vendor and bulk payments”.

He explained that the company’s platform offers customers the opportunity to deliver fast and efficient payment, as it has successfully been integrated into the Nigerian Central Switch operated by NIBSS, which gives customers the ability to route payments via their preferred channels.

“PayChoice stands out from the rest as we have carefully studied the market by interacting with key stakeholders and users to develop a user-customer centric product.

“Unlike other platforms, we have created a robust, yet user-friendly application which solves all payment problems.

We have streamlined our on-boarding process to ensure that due diligence and integrations are concluded within a week. We have easy to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allows third party systems to connect easily”, he said.

Explaining how the payment platform has suddenly risen to stardom, Akano said the market is huge but “our unique selling point is simplicity, efficiency of payments and a feel-at-home-customer service.

Besides, we have a zero tolerance for payment failure. We have high level of security and are compliant to the regulatory payment standard.”
Targeted at SMEs, government agencies, telecommunications companies, oil and gas, construction, pharmaceutical companies, PayChoice, he said, rides on providing

efficiency of payments and innovative solutions that make self service possible”.

“It’s indeed a great accomplishment and a reward for hard and smart work. We have a great team driven by a common vision to be the leading bespoke application developer in Africa and most efficient payment solution provider.

“There are other companies that offer payment solutions. They were also nominated for the same award. However, we won it by the grace of God.

We are always providing innovative ways to solve payment problems and with the right policies and enabling environment, we hope to deliver solutions to the African continent.

We are looking at satisfying more SMEs by further customising our solutions to fit all SMEs and integrating them to other solutions that help SMEs such as the accounting and human resource solutions”, he said.

Specifically, he disclosed that the company has the capacity to create bespoke payment solutions for different clients through bank branches, PoS, ATM and the web using the PayChoice payment infrastructure gateway.